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Dan Gabriel

Dan Gabriel


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About Dan Gabriel

Dan Gabriel is one hilarious stand-up comedian because you already know
him. Everybody has a buddy just like Dan. He is that friend of yours who says
something inappropriate to your grandmother about her dentures. Dan is your
cool cousin who tells you about a band a few months before their hit single
blows up the radio. He is that guy who you stayed friends with even after he
broke up with your sister. Its Dan’s ability to connect with audiences on a
personal level that makes him funny.

Half Filipino and Half Bald White Dude is what makes up Dan’s vaguely ethnic
look. Born and raised a surfing community next to the beach but forced to
watch the movie “Jaws” at age 3 left him confused and scared of water. Once
in high school, Dan developed a sense of humor in an attempt to be as cool as
guys who could surf. While attending UC Davis, Dan’s friends forced him to
try stand-up comedy. Soon Dan was opening for comedy legends like Dave
Chappelle, Mitch Hedberg and George Lopez. After moving to Los Angeles,
Dan won the LA Take Out Comedy Competetion which led to hosting his own
show “Asia Street Comedy” on AZN tv.

Dan’s comedy is PG-13. Without graphic violence or nudity, Dan casually
delivers what his friends refer to as “Smart Stupid Comedy.” He is a soft sell
who doesn’t beat you over the head with his material. If you like a joke, cool.
If not, there’s another one coming in about 10 seconds. Dan has appeared on
Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, the Late Late Show and Star Search just to
name a few.